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Lymphoma is a relatively common cancer affecting the lymph nodes and other organs. In a 2.5 year old bulldog named Samie, masses were diagnosed on the liver during a CT scan. 
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Neoplasms of the spleen

Neoplasms of the spleen are a common finding on ultrasound examinations of the spleen. They occur in patients aged 6 years and older and are most often diagnosed incidentally. An example is Rudko, an 11 year old mixed breed dog.
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Dangerous game with wood

Sometimes, even something like this can happen to a dog. After playing with a stick in the park, Lenny kept pawing at his mouth and trying to dislodge something.
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Mandatory chipping of dogs

Mandatory chipping of dogs has been in effect  for a long time now. However, we still encounter cases in our practice where a dog is not chipped.


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