Modern veterinary medicine and a team of experts since 2006.

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We love them as much as they love us.

We provide professional veterinary care 24/7. 
Veterinary care is provided by a team of veterinary specialists and professional veterinary nurses. We use the latest knowledge from veterinary medicine and modern diagnostic devices.

The best equipment in medicine


Our laboratory provides blood tests from animals in a few minutes. It consists of a hematological analyzer, biochemical analyzer ROCHE, analyzer of urine ROCHE.  We can examine more than 50 blood parameters after blood sampling. 

VETLINE diagnostic
With help of a digital x-ray device, we can examine patients with traumatic, oncological, or internal health problems. Results are available on a USB device. 

Ultrasound Siemens Acuson

Is a prestigious ultrasound device. It reveals even minimal pathological problems, or it shows a complex view on heart diseases with Doppler technology. 


Is a micro-invasive examination of the patient with help of endoscope tubes in patients with gastrointestinal or breathing problems. 

The ECG helps us to detect a wide range of heart diseases as well as to determine the extent of the problem. 

VETCT Somatom GO / Computed Tomography
Computed tomography is one of the best technology in modern veterinary diagnostics. We can obtain information about the patient's health with a full-body examination. CT scan is done in a few seconds. The professional sponsor of this workplace is MVDr. Ladislav Stehlík PhD., specialist of imaging examinations.

Hospitalization 24/7
Is a part of our nonstop service. The patient is under the strict supervision of a veterinary doctor and nurse.
Ambulance car
We can provide health care in your house, or transfer animals from your home to our clinic. 

Our professional team

MVDr. Peter Vittek

Veterinary doctor

MVDr. Miroslava Lehotská

Veterinary doctor

Daniel Horváth

Veterinary asistent

Tomáš Geriak

Veterinary asistent

Laura Lazarová


Bc. Sandra Dobrucká


Ing. Martina Přidalová

Veterinary asistent

MVDr. Elza Hudecová

Veterinary doctor

MVDr. Lucia Knišová

Veterinary doctor

MVDr. Tamara Zimanová

MVDr. Tamara Zimanova

MVDr. Katarína Göblová

Veterinary doctor

Kristína Siváková



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